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Reasons Raised on the Petition to End Daylight Saving Time

One of the key arguments on End Daylight Saving Time is that the system disrupts people's normal routines. Studies show that to increase productivity and wellness, it is critical to have a stable sleeping pattern. Therefore, you will get used to sleeping at a given hour and waking up at a given time. Once, your body gets used to a given sleeping pattern you do not even need an alarm clock to wake you up. The problem with daylight saving time system is that you keep on changing when you sleep and when you work. Having an irregular sleeping pattern makes it hard to rest and increase the danger of various health conditions. Such as heart problems and strokes. Thus given these dangers, it is critical to join the petition to end daylight saving time.

The other reason on why it is essential to stop daylight saving time is that this system has zero economic benefits. The invention of electricity has reduced people's reliance on solar energy. Therefore, the use of this system to conserve energy no longer works. The reason is that you will find people with electric bulbs on even during the day. Also, people have many electrical devices that use electricity both during the day and night. Therefore, the end daylight saving petition argues that this system has no value to the economy. Get into some more facts about daylight saving at

The petition to end daylight saving time also raises the point the system causes confusion, especially for international trade and travel. Making appointments and traveling hectic for an individual in regions that use the daylight saving system. Therefore, to make life easy and streamline international business and travel it is critical to stop daylight saving time.

Given the harms of daylight saving time exceed the benefits it is essential to stop this system. Thus ending the daylight saving time will enhance productivity and people's health.

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